How do I delete a schedule from my case?

This article explains how to delete a schedule that is no longer required from your case

Deleting a schedule which has not been auto-generated

💁 Schedules which are not auto-generated can be generated by ticking yes in the appropriate box - for example to generate an IHT436 you would tick yes against question 29b Claim to transfer any unused residence nil rate band on page 5 of the IHT400 form in your case - please see How do I prepare an IHT400 form and schedules

20230613 - Delete Manually Generated Schedule

  • To delete the schedule, go to Documents & forms > Inheritance Tax forms
  • Click the 3 dots at the end of the row next to the schedule you wish to delete
  • Click Delete from the dropdown
  • Click Delete again to confirm

20230613 - Delete Manually Generated Schedule - button

Deleting a schedule which has been auto-generated

  • Some schedules are auto-generated from information you have entered into your case
  • To delete these schedules, please go back to your case and make the necessary updates

20230613 - Delete Auto Generated Schedule

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