How do I delete an asset or liability that I have added to my case?

This article will explain what to do if you have added an item to your case which you later decide isn't needed.

If you wish to remove an item from your case:

  • Navigate to the Estate overview page 
  • Locate the item you no longer need 
  • Click the Archive button on the tile 

  • Click on the item you no longer need and this will open up the item so you can see the information within it 
  • Click Archive Investigation
  • This item will no longer be included in any forms, calculations or summaries

If you wish to see archived items:

  • Click the menu on the right hand side of your Estate overview page which defaults to Active estate items

  • Choose Archived
  • You'll now see all archived items 

If you wish to reactivate an item from archived: 

  • Find the item you'd like to restore 
  • Click the Restore button on the tile 

  • Click on the item you'd like to restore
  • This will open up the information within the item
  • Click on Unarchive Investigation
  • This item will now be included again on forms, calculations and summaries 

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