How do I export my case details to an Excel file?

This article will help you to quickly and easily obtain a clear summary of the estate you're handling at any point throughout your case.

👍 The Export case feature can be used to help with calculations and client updates

💁 To begin you must be logged into the Exizent platform

  • Locate and select the case you wish to export in Your overview

20220110 Your overview multiple cases

  • On the bottom of the left-hand side menu, you will see the option to Export case
20220811 Export case with outline
  • Click Export case, then Export

20220201 Export Case

  • Once you export the case the Excel file will appear in your downloaded files. Depending on your own setup, this might be a popup at the bottom or top right of your screen to show you your file has been downloaded
  • The Excel file is split into three tabs: Assets, Liabilities and Summary
20220101 Export case assets and liabilities

20220201 Export case spreadsheet summary

💡 You can use this feature at any point to get an overall summary of the estate in Excel. The summary can help with updates during client calls or, towards the end of your case when completing inheritance tax calculations