How do I view all the cases in my company?

This article will guide you through how to view all the cases you and your colleagues are working on.

  • When you first log in to the Exizent platform, you will be taken to Your overview 
  • From here you can click the menu on the top right and choose Company overview 

20220102 Company Overview

  • This overview will show you everything you and your team are working on with the case owner's name at the end of each case
  • Filter by Closed to see completed work
  • Filter by Open to view cases that are still being worked on 
  • Filter by Archived if you need to check on any cases deemed no longer relevant 
  • You can also use the Search function to search for Executor Name, Name of Deceased or Company Case ID

20220102 company overview search and filter

  • Check the Last Opened column to ensure cases are being attended to. You can also sort this column from oldest to newest and vice versa 

20220102 Last Opened

💁 Company admins and case owners can view open, closed and archived cases

💁 Delegates can view open cases only 

💡 Using the functions on the Company overview page is a great way of managing workload and your team