How do I perform a Zoopla property valuation search?

Perform a search via Zoopla to obtain an estimated value for a property.

🆓 Zoopla searches on the platform are free!

💡 Use this handy feature as a guide to find out how much the property in an estate may be worth and what impact this might have on the overall estate value early in your case before official surveyor valuations can be arranged

  • Add a Land/building asset
  • Select Building
  • Use the postcode lookup feature to find the property address or manually enter the building number, street name, city and postcode
  • Add any further information into the remaining fields and click Save
  • On the right hand side panel of your building asset you will see the Zoopla feature is now available, click Submit Request 

20220112 Zoopla Submit

  • The button will change to green when Response Received

20220112 Zoopla Response Recd

  • The estimated value will be returned in the Zoopla's estimated value (£) field
    20220112 Zoopla Est Value Field
  • The Responses tab will provide more details including a Range and Confidence rating percentage for the estimated value provided

20220112 Zoopla Response Tab

💁 Zoopla provides an estimated value to give guidance only. This does not impact the figures included in your Estate snapshot estate values

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