How do I add a professional executor to my case?

This article provides a step by step guide on how to add a professional executor to your case.

  • Click People & beneficiaries on the left hand side menu of the Estate overview page
20220811 People & beneficiaries outline (Menu)
  • Click Add Organisation

20221108 People & Beneficiaries Add Organisation

  • Add details of the professional executor (example below)
20221114 Add Professional Executor Name and Address
  • Select the Role as Executor and choose Executor Status
20221108 Select Executor Role and Status
  • The Authorised signatory for the forms will default to Organisation
  • You can then add in a UTR number if required

20230113 Prof Exec UTR Number

  • If there is a Named individual who will be signing the forms select this option
  • You can then complete the fields as required (example below)
20221114 Select Signatory Individual

💡 The final part to complete relates to the C1 form for Scottish cases only

  • Select the Yes button if the professional executor is the signatory for the C1 form
  • Add the Companies House Number if relevant 

20221108 Professional Executor C1 signatory

  • You can also add any notes regarding the professional executor in the Notes field
  • Click Add organisation to save
  • You can view the professional executor in the People & beneficiaries overview 
20221108 People & Beneficiaries Overview - Prof Exec

💡 You only need to enter professional executor information once. Exizent can use this data to pre-populate relevant court and IHT forms later on 

👉 Please see article How do I add people to my case? for guidance on how to add other people to your case

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