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How do I add money owed to the deceased to my case?

This article will guide you how to add money owed to the deceased within our new asset categories

We recently added a new asset type called Money owed to deceased.

🙌 This improvement allows us to correctly map data from your case into your IHT400, populating more of the form and saving you even more time when working on your cases!

To add Money owed to deceased please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Money owed to deceased asset tile on the ribbon

    20221129 Money Owed to Deceased - Asset Ribbon
  2. Choose the appropriate drop down from the following categories

    20221129 Money Owed to Deceased - Cats
  3. Complete the fields as required within the appropriate category, this example is for adding an Outstanding loan

    20221219 Example of adding outstanding loan
  4. Save
  5. Your Money owed to deceased asset can be viewed on your case dashboard as below

    20221219 Example of outstanding loan case dashboard

💡 Any assets added under the new categories automatically populate data in IHT400 forms as follows:

  • Q53: Cash
  • Q56: Pension arrears + any relevant pension values from auto populated IHT409 pension schedules
  • Q74: Tax repayments
  • Q75: Trust income
  • Q76: Refunds + Money owed to deceased > Other + Miscellaneous > Other + any relevant values from boxes 8 and 11 of the IHT410 Life Assurance & Annuities Schedule + any relevant values from box 21 of the IHT418 Assets Held in Trust Schedule

👷 Our team are regularly making improvements and adding new features. Some things may have changed since this guide was written as functionality gets even more fabulous. If you need further assistance, please contact the Customer Success team who are always happy to help. 

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