How do I find out my current contract terms?

The contract agreement your company holds with Exizent will detail: 

  • Contract type and length
  • Contract start date and subscription term
  • Number of user subscriptions included
  • Fees
    • Monthly subscription fees
    • Additional user fees
    • Case fees
    • Search fees (for use of the Experian Estate Discovery feature for example)

One of the Company admin users in your team will most likely have signed the Exizent contract and received a copy to keep via DocuSign. Check who has a Company admin account.

If you are unable to find a copy of your Exizent contract, please contact us and we can share the contract with authorised team members via email:

☎️ call us on 020 8152 2902

🖥️ chat to us through the knowledge base - click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page

✉️ email our Customer Success Team on

💁 The latest platform terms and conditions can be found here