How do I order executors on the C1 to match the order in the will (Scottish Estates)

This article guides you on how to add executors to your case so that they match the order of executors as they appear in the will

Adding Executors in a specific order to your case

  • To ensure that the executors appear in the same order as they appear in the will, please add them to your case in order required - see How do I add people to my case?
  • For example if Ann Bloggs is listed first in the will and Josephine Bloggs is listed second in the will, please add them to your case in the same order 

20230622 - C1 executor order - platform

💁 When adding a person to your case, there is a little reminder to add executors in the same order as the will so that your forms are populated in this order

20230622 - C1 executor order - people section

  • The executors will then pull through to your C1 in the order required as below:

20230622 - C1 executor order - form

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