Exizent invoicing guide

This article explains how invoicing works for your Exizent account.

  • All invoices are sent electronically from our accounts.receivable@exizent.com email address
  • Invoices are sent monthly to the email address you supplied for invoicing purposes when you signed your contract
  • The date you receive your invoice each month will correspond to the date your contract started. For example, if you signed your contract on the 3rd of the month you will receive all invoices on the 3rd of the subsequent months or the closest business day
  • There are 4 different fees listed on our invoices:
Fee Description
Platform fees A set monthly fee for access to the platform and all of its functionality
Case fees Transactional fees for the number of cases created on the platform each month
User fees Transactional fees for any additional users accessing the platform over your agreed user subscription
Search fees Estate discovery (Experian search fee) 
  • Invoices are due for payment within 14 days of the invoice date and can be paid via bank transfer to the bank details supplied on your invoice
  • Please quote your invoice number as the payment reference when paying your invoices

💡 We are currently rolling out direct debit payment functionality to some of our customers, to sign up for direct debit, please email accounts.receivable@exizent.com

❗ If you would like a specific purchase order number or reference quoted on your invoice, please email accounts.receivable@exizent.com with the details

❗ If you are unable to pay your invoice within 14 days, please get in touch to let us know so we can manage your access to the platform appropriately. Email: accounts.receivable@exizent.com or Phone: 020 8152 2902

👷 Our team are regularly making improvements and adding new features. Some things may have changed since this guide was written as functionality gets even more fabulous. If you need further assistance, please contact the Customer Success team who are always happy to help. 

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