Why am I unable to create a case?

This article provides you with possible reasons you may be experiencing issues when trying to create a case.

If you are unable to select the Create Case button in the Your overview screen, it's most likely your account only has delegate permissions. Users set up as delegates are unable to create cases in the platform. What are the different permission levels?


20220201 Unable to create case


To check which permission level you have:

  • Go to the Team overview screen
  • Use the search function or find your user account in the list and check which Permission Level is against your name
  • If you are a delegate this means you are unable to create cases. If you manage your own caseload and should have access to create cases, please check the Team overview page to identify the user(s) with Company Admin access in your company and ask them to update your permissions. They can follow this useful guide here to give you the access you need

If you are a case owner or company admin then you should be able to create a case. Exizent works best using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. If you are using a different web browser, please switch to either Edge or Chrome and try again. What browser am I using?

If you try the above and are still experiencing issues, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

☎️ call us on 020 8152 2902

✉️ email our Customer Success Team on support@legal.exizent.com