How do I add funeral expenses to my case?

This article will guide you through how to add funeral expenses to your case

Adding the Funeral Expense

  • Locate the case you wish to add funeral expenses to - How do I find a case I'm working on?
  • Either click Funeral expenses on the asset ribbon, then click Go to Expenses

    20230608 Funeral Expenses asset ribbon
  • Or click Expenses on the left hand menu

    20230608 - Expenses Left Hand Menu

  • Click Add expense

    20220131 Add expense

  • Click Yes under Is this a funeral related expense? *and choose the type of funeral expense:

20220822 Types of Funeral expense

  • Add more details about the expense:
    • Description
    • Full expense value
    • Date incurred
    • Supplier name
    • Whether the expense was paid by a third party
    • Any other useful notes about the expense (optional)
  • Click Add expense to add the expense to your case

💁‍♂️ Funeral expenses will be pulled through to the relevant fields within IHT and Court forms 

🙌 When settling funeral expenses, you have flexibility to record which account the expense was paid from, including the deceased's bank accounts, the client cash account or even via a prepaid funeral plan

Settling expenses

  • If the funeral expenses have already been settled, you can record which account the expense was paid from. Alternatively if they have yet to be paid you can leave this section blank and update these details later:

20220131 Settling expense

  • If the funeral expenses were paid by a third party, you can select from the people already added to your case from the Recipient of the funds dropdown menu to show an audit trail of the funeral expense value being reimbursed from the estate. 

Reimbursing third party expense

💁‍♂️ If the person who paid the funeral expenses doesn't appear in the recipient of the funds menu when reimbursing an expense, simply add them in the People & beneficiaries section of your case as a Creditor

💁‍♂️ For further information on Expenses visit How do I add an expense to my case?

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