How do I group multiple accounts with one institution on the C1 inventory? (for Scottish estates)

This article will explain how to ensure that assets held with one institution are grouped together on the C1 inventory

Generating a C1 form

How to group multiple accounts with one institution on the C1 inventory

  • Add the assets, for example you might have 3 bank accounts with the same institution 
  • When adding each bank account asset, ensure that the institution name and address are the same for each of the 3 assets as below: 

20230614 - C1 inventory grouping asset tile

💡 As long as the institute name and address are the same, bank accounts with different sort codes and account numbers will be grouped together on the C1 inventory. If you wish to group accounts that are held at different branches of the same institution, you could use the Head Office branch address of the institution to ensure grouping

  • Your bank accounts will look like this on your case dashboard

20230614 - C1 inventory grouping case dashboard

  • And will group together as below on the C1 inventory

20230614 - C1 inventory grouping example

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